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Dick Grayson
20 March
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Dick, on the other hand, is a gypsy rogue at his core, a born carny-kid, raised in the circus until his parents died and Bruce took him in. He's rash, brash, mecurial, passionate, and sometimes I swear he's living life on a perpetual caffiene-and-adrenaline high. That's sometimes. Other times, he's brooding and taciturn and can make Batman himself look talkative.

- No Man's Land by Greg Rucka
(Barbara Gordon, pg. 224)


Most people run away to join the circus, but Richard Grayson was born into it.

As the youngest son of the Haley's Circus Flying Graysons Dick learned many things at a young age. How to do a backflip, how to perform the Death Drop, how to do long division. Yes, long division - both he and his brother recieved their educations under the big top, courtesy of a teacher that traveled with them. And although the Circus did indeed travel a lot, seeing cities from Gotham to Metropolis, Dick's homelife was relatively stable. He had his parents, he had his brother, and he had all the friends and love interests a teen could possibly hope for with his fellow performers. But as the laws of nature state, bad things happen to good people, and in the Circus' first return to Gotham in almost seven years, something bad did, indeed, happen.

Two-Face attacked, looking for Batman, and Dick's family was massacred trying to stop him.

Broken and frusterated, Dick attempted to run away from the shelter he was offered at Wayne Manor to exact revenge, only to be convinced to stay by the billionare himself. In only a few days time, the curious youth would stumble upon the Batcave and Bruce's double life, much to his guardian's dismay.

In the days following, Dick would steal the Batmobile, try several times without success to convince Bruce to let him join him, and eventually save the Caped Crusader's after the Nygmatech fiasco. Bruce, however, still denyed him a cape and cowl, going as far as trying to quit being Batman to save Dick from his fate. And only when Two-Face and the Riddler attacked on Halloween would Bruce allow Dick to be his side-kick - after all, two villains called for two heroes.

And after the two villains' defeat - Harvey's death, not at his own hands - Dick has stayed on as Batman's sidekick, Robin.

... After all, who knows when Bruce might need someone to save his ass?


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